Ubuntu – Send messages between 2 Ubuntu PCs (Net Send Style)


I am trying to find a way to send a message (like a popup message) from 1 PC to another. both are using Ubuntu. Already tried the smbclient way but this only works between a linux PC to a windows PC. I need a way to send messages from an Ubuntu PC to another Ubuntu PC. Similar to the way of Windows Net Send.

Best Answer

Install ssh and libnotify-bin (via terminal):

sudo apt-get install ssh libnotify-bin

on both computers.

(You may have libnotify-bin installed already. Mine had it already.)

Then SSH (via the terminal) into the other computer:

ssh <user name>@<ip address>

And then when you're logged in, type:

export DISPLAY=:0
notify-send "Title of message" "message text"

Happy message-sending!
(or scaring XD)

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