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How does Ubuntu implements SELinux…? what are the pacakges(modules) involved in implementation of SELinux on Ubuntu

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How does Ubuntu implements SELinux...?

selinux is not installed or enabled by default. We use apparmor by default. The Ubuntu wiki page for SELinux even claims ...


The Ubuntu-specific "selinux" and "selinux-policy-ubuntu" packages documented here have not received much attention since Karmic, and appear to be effectively broken in Precise.

If you wish to use SELinux in Ubuntu, the "selinux-basics" and "selinux-policy-default" packages from Debian are still being actively maintained. Documentation relevant to those packages can be found at http://wiki.debian.org/SELinux

but also contains instruction on how to install it:

SELinux in Ubuntu

SELinux can be enabled in Ubuntu by installing the "selinux" meta-package, which will make the needed changes to the system, and install the Tresys policies for Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install selinux

After installation, you will be prompted to reboot the system to label and activate SELinux.

But it might be smarter to install the debian packages manually...

What are the packages(modules) involved?

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