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I'd like to setup a Security Camera system which is captures and stores video streams into Ubuntu Server From 2 wireless Cameras.

  • Which type of motion-detecting wireless camera you suggested?

  • Are there any software to capture the videos on schedule time from the server?

  • And which software do i need to remote control the cameras?

Best Answer

As far as I know, the majority of the IP cameras, as those shown in this virtual shop, starting from $ 945.00 Mexican Pesos (almost 100 US Dollars), and this D-Link DC-900 (the majority of them tested by me) resolves the motion detection, scheduled recording and remote control by itself (there are just a few which features 360° movement, remote controlled).

What I mean: All that you need is a good FTP Server where to drop the images/videos, which can also be Linux Based.

How to reach your cameras from outside is as easy as getting a Dynamic Domain Name Service and to use it in your modem/router or, if you have fixed IP then you don't have a problem, you will also be in need to route the specific ports to the cameras and make the cameras respond to the petitions of a specific port.

Everything can be monitored/controlled via web browser, like in this example of my security system which is embedding 3 cameras (1 of them remote controlled) in a single web page. (blurred where needed for privacy).

enter image description here

The remote controlled camera is the one shown here, with two-way audio (yes, you can speak to people close to the camera), wireless and infra-red night vision. (Sorry, I don't sell these cameras but I purchased over there in Mexico City.)

So, I would suggest you to look for a specific camera that fits your needs and if your intentions are to keep a backup of your videos in a server, look for FTP server guides here or even in the net.

Good luck!


Original DCS-900 Camera's Web Based Application

enter image description here

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