Ubuntu – Screensaver/blanking problem


I have upgraded to 12.10 and then downgraded again to 12.04 LTS because of the screensaver or screen blanking problem. After 10-12 minutes the screen goes black/blank when i dont do anything (idle). I have tried setting in the Brightness and Lock menu that the screen should never lock or turn off if idle. This is very annoying when watching movies etc.

Would be nice if someone knows this.

Best Answer

I'm not certain which one thing fixed it, but here's what I did:

  • Open dconf editor from the Dash
  • Click on the Find, and type power (case-sensitive).
  • Here's what I've got set:

    • idle-brightness = 0
    • idle-dim-time = 0
    • sleep-display-ac = 0
    • sleep-display-battery = 0
    • sleep-inactive-ac-timeout = 0
    • sleep-inactive-battery-timeout = 0

Try setting those and see if it helps you. Again, not exactly sure which one thing fixes it, I haven't taken the time to check. And ultimately, one shouldn't have to do this in the first place.