Ubuntu – Same update keeps showing up everyday


I keep getting update of numix-icons-theme package everyday, how to stop it?

I've installed that update many times still it keeps showing up.

Best Answer

First you should note this is dues to really another update every date as shown in their PPA. But if you still want not to get update from this repository you should use the "hold" concept to stop update from specific package.

You can do it using either dpkg or apt

Using dpkg

Put hold on numix-icons-theme package

echo "numix-icons-theme hold" | sudo dpkg --set-selections

Removing that hold

echo "numix-icons-theme install" | sudo dpkg --set-selections

To check if hold is done run this:

dpkg --get-selections | grep "numix-icons-theme"

Using apt

Put hold on numix-icons-theme package

sudo apt-mark hold numix-icons-theme

Removing that hold

sudo apt-mark unhold numix-icons-theme
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