Ubuntu – SABnzbdplus will not start on boot but running the init.d script runs fine


I am running the Ubuntu 12.04 server edition (static LAN IP) and was tying to install SABnzbdplus using the apt as per instructions here:
Ubuntu PPA Repository

Installation has gone smoothly and the server downloads etc no problem! The problem is that I have edited /etc/default/sabnzbdplus as the directions provided to:

# This file is sourced by /etc/init.d/sabnzbdplus
# When SABnzbd+ is started using the init script, the
# --daemon option is always used, and the program is
# started under the account of $USER, as set below.
# Each setting is marked either "required" or "optional";
# leaving any required setting unconfigured will cause
# the service to not start.

# [required] user or uid of account to run the program as:

# [optional] full path to the configuration file of your choice;
#            otherwise, the default location (in $USER's home
#            directory) is used:

# [optional] hostname/ip and port number to listen on:

# [optional] extra command line options, if any:

My (omar) runlevel is N 2.

Not quite sure what to do because executing:
Works fine and error free.

Not sure what to do here. Advice and assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Best Answer

The guide forgot

sudo update-rc.d sabnzbdplus defaults

This command will add the links at the correct runlevels so that sabnzbdplus starts and stops when booting, rebooting, shutting down, etc.

edit: if you get the message that those links are already in place have a look at this question

edit2: or this one

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