Ubuntu – Running upstart script on 17.04


Running 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) and trying to start an upstart script but I noticed it's not getting executed. Then I noticed that upstart isn't even listed as an installed package even if there are lots of scripts in /etc/init. Apparently they are not run since introducing a typo in e.g cron doesn't affect its startup.

How should I run the upstart script? Install upstart or run it through some systemd-layer? Does installing upstart break something when the other scripts in /etc/init are suddenly run?

Best Answer

Apparently upstart isn't included in the server version OOTB even though there are scripts in /etc/init (a bit confusing).

I rewrote the upstart script as a systemd unit file using mostly the Ubuntu wiki page on systemd for upstart users as a guide and enabled it in normal fashion.

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