Ubuntu – Run Windows program in Wine as administrator


I am attempting to run the Pokemon Dawn of Darkness game in Ubuntu 16.04 through Wine, but there's a part of the program that Wine does not like (a file called AsyncFile.exe). I can remove that file and the game will still run, but the frame rate will be significantly decreased. I read one page that suggested running it as administrator would fix the problem on Windows, but I can't figure out how to do this on Linux (if it's even possible).

Best Answer

As far as Windows programs are concerned, Wine runs with Windows administrator rights by default when it is started by an user with ordinary permissions (not root permissions). Never run Wine as root using sudo because it gives files in your ~/.wine directory root permissions that can be a security threat to your OS. By doing so you are giving Windows files in the ~/.wine directory root permissions to make changes to the Ubuntu operating system. If you ran Wine as root, remove your entire ~/.wine directory. Even if you remove the ~/.wine directory, running Wine with sudo may have done permanent damage to your operating system that can only be repaired by reinstalling the operating system.

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