Ubuntu – Run system commands from QML App


I want to run a system command from inside my application. It's suppose to run a command on a remote server using SSH. But that's not really the point. The point is that I don't know how to run any kind of command from the app. I asked in the mail list and they referred me to build a QML extension using C++. But I don't know C++ and it seems that I have to learn so much only to run a simple command.

In Python (as in PHP) it's easy to run a system command. Is there any other way of doing it in my Touch app, or is there someone that could help me even more? Or perhaps have a better solution to my problem?

Best Answer

This isn't something that QML supports, the typical answer is to write a C++ plugin to handle that kind of thing.

However, the SDK team is planning out various extensions to provide to QML app developers, and this may be something that they implement in a generic plugin that you can use.

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