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I have a script named "als" that parses the aliases in a user's .bashrc file that I'd like to run for any user logging in via SSH.

This should display similar to a Message of the day (MOTD) banner. MOTD banners are static data though.

Here's the code.

echo Your aliases:
echo \(from ~/.bashrc\)
cat .bashrc | egrep 'alias.+\=' | tr -s [:space:] | sed 's_^ alias_alias_' | sed 's_alias__' | sort | sed 's_=_\t\t_' | sed 's_^ __'

It works if I append ./als to my ~/.profile file, but this only executes for me. Again, I'd like this to run for all users on shell login

Best Answer

You could save your script in /etc/profile.d/als.sh. According to Ubuntu EnvironmentVariables manual:

Files with the .sh extension in the /etc/profile.d directory get executed whenever a bash login shell is entered (e.g. when logging in from the console or over ssh), as well as by the DisplayManager when the desktop session loads.

You should also modify relative path with absolute path:

 cat /home/$USER/.bashrc | egrep 'alias.+\=' | tr -s [:space:] | sed 's_^ alias_alias_' | sed 's_alias__' | sort | sed 's_=_\t\t_' | sed 's_^ __'  

And this should works for all users.

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