Ubuntu – Ring switcher is not automatically selecting the windows on key release


I configured the ring switcher with the CCSM.

I press Super + Tab and I start to cycle between all windows, but when I release the keys on the desired one, I have to either click on it or press enter.

How can I make it automatically select the window when I release the key?

It was working, but suddenly it stopped doing it.

I have the same trouble with Shift-Switcher compiz plugin.

Best Answer

I guess I just figured it out!

Both Ring and Shift Switcher, in Ubuntu, use Super+Tab by default instead of Alt+Tab so they don't conflict with Untity's Switcher. So far, so good...

The problem is... Super alone is used in Unity to show the Launcher! So when you Super+Tab, then release Tab (or let both pressed for a while), Super will trigger the launcher and "steal" the focus away from the ring/shift switcher, so they won't detect they key release and thus not will not select the current window.

And there are 2 solutions to solve the conflict. You either:

  • Disable Unity's Key to show the Launcher, or remap it away from Super


  • Set Shift (or Ring) Switcher to use a different combination other than Super+Tab, something that does not use Super.

  • An obvious combo would be Alt+Tab itself, provided you also disable all Key to start the switcher... key bindings in Unity's Switcher settings. Or, as a "sweet revenge", map them to use Super instead of Alt :P

Personally I prefer the latter, since tapping Super to open the dash is very useful, and there is no other dead key so easily available for that.

I can provide some screenshots to help if anyone finds this useful.

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