Ubuntu – Restore the Ctrl + Alt + Num Pad 4 and 6 window positioning commands


Using Unity in Ubuntu 12.04, the Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad combination for positioning windows no longer works completely consistently:

  • Ctrl+Alt+4 (move window to left half of screen) was changed to Ctrl+Super+Left Arrow.
  • A similar change moved Ctrl+Alt+6 to Ctrl+Super+Right Arrow.

So in 12.04 one moves windows to corners using Ctrl+Alt combos, but Super combos are needed to move to the left or right.

This is more than a convenience problem since the new windows positioning provided by the super key combos seems to give different sizes than the Ctrl+Alt combos they replaced, leading to distracting gaps between windows when you combine the two methods to position three or more windows on one screen.

Is there a way to restore the previous behaviour so that I can use Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad for all window positioning?

Best Answer

Install compizconfig-settings-manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager. Search for "compiz" in the Unity Dash, or start with ccsm from the commandline.


CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm) is an advanced tool, and not all of its options are completely compatible with Unity. As such, CCSM has been known to sometimes break users' desktops. Please use caution and know that you are taking a risk by following this answer or any other answer that recommends the use of CCSM. In the event that following this advice does break Unity, please see this question for instructions on how to reset it.

Find the Grid plugin:

enter image description here

Click on the key binding you want to change, click on Grab key combination, and press the keys you'd like to use.

enter image description here

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