Ubuntu – Resizing a window should be easier – increase boarder pixel count


Currently its too difficult to resize a window by hovering cursor on window edge or corner until cursor changes to that double arrow pointer … when I install Ubuntu 19.04 for people new to computers (very young or old) I see its hard for these people to perform this operation

Is there a config to help this ? hold down key ? while doing above to encourage arrow pointer to appear

To see this yourself try using your opposite hand to resize a window

Best I have found (and admittedly klunky) is to ALT + right click and pick resize … details at https://superuser.com/questions/436541/how-do-you-increase-the-resize-border-thickness-in-xubuntu-12-04/852347

Another approach How can I make the draggable window border thicker, without changing the appearance?

ubuntu theme thick window boarder

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