Ubuntu – Resize Opera browser in Ubuntu 19.04


I can't resize the Opera browser window! Using the mouse the grip handles are too small, so I always miss them. Also, alt+space does not bring up a menu as it normally does. According to a message in
forums.opera.com the solution should be to disable "Instant Search" which is bound to alt+space. Unfortunately that doesn't work either, so I'm stuck. This is unfortunate, since in all other respects I find Opera is the best choice. (Acer laptop, Ubuntu 19.04)

Best Answer

Wow indeed out-of-the-box Opera borders are utterly ellusive. (also Opera seems to ignore system theme, which doesn't help the issue. you should bring it up as a bug with them : https://help.opera.com/en/computer-bug-wizard/)

there is a quick fix for this though, which is using the keyboard shortcuts for this :

Alt + F8 to start resizing, then use the arrow keys to resize the window. Pressing Return will save your resize, pressing Esc will revert the resize back.

the menu is brought up with Alt

this on the other hand makes sense to me. it's a Linux standardisation issue.