Ubuntu – Repeated flickering on fresh ubuntu 16 install attempt


I got a new laptop and was attempting to try the live distro version first before installing ubuntu.

However, when it loaded to the purple ubuntu loading screen:
enter image description here

The 5 dots turned red once, then the screen started flickering on and off with all the dots white except for the first.

Nothing else happens except the repeated flickering (and what seems to be it just repeating the same thing)

I can't get past this stage, no keyboard or whatever is working.

Some solutions I found on here seem to address the problem when ubuntu is already installed, not when its like this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i7 7700hq
nvidia gtx 1060

Best Answer

Try the following:

  1. When booting the live CD, press Esc when you see the two white icons at the bottom, one looks like a keyboard, one like a person.
  2. Select your language if it comes up.
  3. Press F6 to open Other Options.
  4. Select nomodeset by pressing Enter.
  5. Press Esc.
  6. Press Enter to boot.

That should prevent any graphical issues related the Nvidia cards during install. I've had similar issues like that myself.

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