Removing Unwanted Wine Icon from Launcher


I recently tried to install the Logitech Gaming Software (version 9.02.65) in my Ubuntu 18.04 environment. Since Logitech only provides this program for Windows and Mac, I wanted to install it on Ubuntu using Wine 4.0. However this didn't work out so well (in fact the GUI was completely unusable) so I decided to remove the Logitech Software and put it inside a Windows Virtual Machine.

I am now however left with an unwanted (and unusable) Logitech Gaming Software Link in my Ubuntu Launcher. The Link is not situated in /usr/share/applications nor is it in ~/.local/share/applications.

My question: Where could the Logitech Gaming shortcut be situated and more importantly, how can I remove it from the launcher?

Best Answer

Sometimes wine drops a folder in /usr/share/applications/wine and/or ~/.local/share/applications/ with a lot of .desktop entries in it. You could check those, if you haven't already.

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