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Installed Ubuntu over a Windows 8 trial. After installation, Windows 8 still tries to boot. Wiped disk clean with Acronis and reinstall Ubuntu. Windows 8 still tries to start, but goes to blank screen. Ubuntu never tries to boot. Naturally live mode works fine. What do you think of wiping disk again, install Windows 7 and try using GRUB approach or do you know how to remove Windows from the cleaned disk?

Best Answer

Theres two options to boot an Operating System from..

  1. MBR (Master Boot Record) Boot sector at very beginning of Disk drive
  2. Boot Sector of each partition

some OS's like MS.Windows affects MBR and you need to place grub boot loader at MBR. for this purpose:

Step 1: Boot up your system with any grub installed emergency disk.
(like : Gparted Emergency, HBCD, Bootable Grub, or Puppy linux)

Step 2: Run gparted program or this command: df and determine what is your drive name (result is like: /dev/sda) without any number at end of /sda

Step 3: if grub is preinstalled then run these commands in shell (terminal):

sudo grub-install /dev/sda
sudo grub-setup /dev/sda

and if its not installed,do this command:

sudo apt-get install grub

anyway you need to edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg to enable resume function (Hybernate)

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