Ubuntu – Remove Grub menu after Dual Booting

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I had dual booted my Acer Aspire V with Ubuntu 14 recently to try it out. I followed guides online on how to remove it from my computer. First I deleted the Ubuntu partitions then used a flash drive with Windows 8 on it to fix MBR.

Nothing has worked. Every time I boot I get an error. It says "GNU GRUB version 2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1" at the top the of the screen. Under that it says "Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions". My laptop came with windows 8 installed on it, which I believe means it's EFI. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As for now I've been booting into Windows by mashing F12 during boot and selecting Windows Boot Manager in the list that pops up. It shows up twice in the list, and only the second one down works for some reason. Thank you.

Best Answer

Boot into an Ubuntu Live CD/USB and open a terminal. Run sudo mount -t vfat -o iocharset-utf8,umask=000 /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1. You'll need to run sudo mkdir /mnt/sda1 first. Once it's mounted, browse the EFI drive in Nautilus and delete every folder called "Ubuntu".

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