Ubuntu – remove cairo dock completely


I recently installed cairo-dock-core package from Ubuntu software center.

I played with it for a while and concluded to delete it completely.Then, I uninstalled it from Ubuntu software center itself.

To check that it was completely removed I typed in terminal, the name of the package cairo and checked that if anything related was left.

To my surprise, I found cairo-dock-session. I then tried removing it but didn't succeed.

Best Answer

If you look at the source package page of cairo-dock you'll get the list of packages to remove. To fully remove this application you need to type the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get purge cairo-dock cairo-dock-core cairo-dock-data libgldi-dev libgldi3

Note: cairo-dock-session is provided by the cairo-dock-data package (see this query on packages.ubuntu.com)

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