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I was using remastersys on 12.04 to backup all my programs and settings and in that way, i was able to install it on many systems.

Now I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and I added Precise deb PPA to software sources. Synaptic told me to downgrade some packages. SHould I do it or avoid it?

Other programs like Relinux, UCK, Manual options doesn't suit me. I am looking for a straight forward method like Remastersys.

One option I found is Debian Builder but it is not available for 14.04 , I didn;t try Black Lab Image creator and there is no GUI for it.

Anybody please suggest me a effective, easy way to back all my settings and packages, so I don't need to download them again and again,

APT ON CD is still available??

Best Answer

Finally, I got remastersys CLI working in 14.04 LTS, Actually I copied files of Remastersys 12.04 version which were in

/etc/remastersys and /etc/remastersys.conf to same directory of 14.04 INstallation

and /usr/bin/remastersys , /usr/bin/remastersys-skelcopy to respective directory.

Installed dependcies, as suggested by FORK of remastersys, Black Lab Imager, but for some reason, black lab imager didn't worked for me. It generated final ISO images but when i tested it in virtual machine. There was kernel panic not syncing.

Method suggested for Remastersys fork, applied on Remastersys and it worked flawlessly for me.

Be sure to Install package discover, there is no package discover1 in repo.

More information can be get from Black Lab Image creator


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