System Installation – Reinstalling Ubuntu 15.10 Stuck on Removing Conflicting Files


The process is not stuck because the terminal shows "progress", it keeps trying to remove files that it can't find, the messages read something like: /..../file x: Warning: Source ID XXXXXX was not found when attempting to remove it

The reason I am reinstalling is because my installation was messed up when I installed ubuntu-touch and the system wouldn't reboot.

I was able to fire up a live USB through grub and start the installation process, I figured it would be possible to simply reinstall but it seems to be taking forever. Is this normal behavior? Should I stop it and simply go with a fresh install instead?


Best Answer

The main question is: do you have a separate /home partition? If so then just erase your / and leave /home untouched, just set mountpoint to it.

If not and there is some important files then I recommend you mount your partition and remove everything except /home, e.g.

fdisk -l

Examine the output and find appropriate device name

mount /dev/sdaXY /mnt  # use the device name from fdisk -l here
mkdir /mnt/2rm         # create working dir
mv /mnt/* /mnt/2rm     # move all dirs to work dir
mv /mnt/2rm/home /mnt  # return home back
rm -rfv /mnt/2rm       # now we can safely delete the rest

After the above manipulations you can easily install Ubuntu on the same partition. Ubiquity, the Ubuntu installer, will preserve your /home directory.

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