Ubuntu – Reinstall software after installation of newer version Ubuntu


If I plan to install a newer version Ubuntu,

  1. how shall I know what software that
    were installed on my previous
    Ubuntu, if I want to reinstall them?
    Is there a convenient way to install
    all previous softwares?
  2. How can I keep the settings and
    configurations for the software?
  3. will it be possible for the newer
    version Ubuntu, the software
    installed for the older one cannot
    be found for the newer one?
  4. will there be other considerations
    regarding installation of previous

Thanks and regards!

Best Answer

On #1, to get a list:

sudo dpkg --get-selections > software_list

To reinstall the list on a new installation:

sudo dpkg --set-selections < software_list
sudo dselect

On #2, you need to know where configuration files are located. (Backup the files in /etc and your home directory at least).

On #3, yes it is possible. Yet, later you could find out how to install a missing application, though another repository, possibly.

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