Ubuntu – Record screen, microphone and web camera in Ubuntu 17.10 (Wayland Session)


I want to record my screen, audio and webcam in Ubuntu 17.10.

I have tried the following software (from this thread How can I record my screen?):

  • gtk-recordmydesktop: Missing web camera support

  • xvidcap: Missing web camera support

  • Kazam: Wont start

  • Simple Screen Recorder: Missing web camera support

  • VOKOSCREEN: Records only black screen

  • Tibesti: Missing web camera support

  • VLC: Missing web camera support, could not get it to record at all

  • OBS: Will not start

  • ScreenStudio: Will not start

Any suggestion for good software to do this?

After some digging I found out that if I start Ubuntu 17.10 in X Server instead of Wayland then Vokoscreen works and meets my requirements.

Best Answer

If you're really inclined to further use Wayland you should give green-recorder a try.

It even is able to record games you play, only caveat is that it only records as WebM format under Wayland. Have to mention that it only records the screen, not a webcam for example.


To install it you need to add a new ppa into your system, so you can follow the steps below to install it from terminal command line.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fossproject/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install green-recorder

To add to this you might want to install TopIcons plus extension from extensions.gnome.org to be able to access green-recorder when it has started recording.

The only other chance you have to get the software you mentioned to work again is starting your desktop under Xorg as display-manager.

To do so you have to log out and use the cogwheel beside the sign in button to choose 'Ubuntu on Xorg'.

enter image description here

An other possibility to just create a smaller screen-cast of about 30 seconds would be to just press shift+ctrl+alt+r this will leave the recorded bit in your 'Video' directory in your home (/home/$USER/Video/). Thus this solution does not seem to work under Xorg and producing files of 0 Byte length.

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