Ubuntu – Quickly gives warnings on packaging, not recognizing setup.py~


I have been trying to make an application and package it and so on, but I have run into a lot of errors, so I'm trying to get back to basics:

After the command quickly create ubuntu-application dj1 and cd dj1 I get my app, which can run and package with quickly package, works fine!

I get some warnings that

** (setup.py:5609): WARNING **: 
Error sending credentials: 
Error sending message: Operation not permitted

but I've read that one should state your name and such in the setup.py file at the bottom. So I did quickly edit and had to open the setup.py file separately and wrote my license, name, email, description and long description at the appropriate places (I did not include a web page). I saved and terminated gedit.

Now when I run quickly package I get

Command returned some WARNINGS:
WARNING: the following files are not recognized by DistUtilsExtra.auto:
Do you want to continue (this is not safe!)? y/[n]: n

I've read on this forum that one can downgrade python-distutils-extra to the last stable version with:

sudo apt-get install python-distutils-extra=2.32-2

but after I did that and tried to package again I got the same warnings. (and I also read that one should not simply remove the setup.py~ file)

Does anybody know how to get rid of these warnings? Am I using the editor wrongly? I tried before and used emacs, but same thing there…

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Best Answer

Whatever editing program you used to change setup.py created a backup setup.py~ of the original file. When the program is packaged by distutils, file types that it doesn't recognize (i.e. the .py~) give a warning. Just delete the file. Not sure how to turn off that behavior in whatever editor you're using.

EDIT: In gedit you can turn off automatic backups by going to Edit->Preferences->Editor tab and unchecking 'Create a backup copy of files before saving'

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