Ubuntu – Quantal analyzes the HD in any boot

12.10bootdisk-checkhard drive

I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 formating the HDD. Any time that I turn on the PC and boot Ubuntu, it always analyzes my HDD in search for bad blocks. This is what happens:
When I turn on the PC and load Ubuntu, before I can login my user, appears the following image. If I press C, the process ends and I can work, if I wait until the process can finish by itself also I can work.


Also I had this problem, related to the HDD.

My Hard Disk Driver is a Western Digital.

Is there any problem on the system? Can I stop this procedure?

Information that can help: tune2fs -l output

Best Answer

I solved the problem converting the file system from ext2 to ext4.

If you have the same problem, the first thing to do is discover what is your file system with sudo parted -l . If it is ext2 you should convert this to ext4. Review this question where you will find useful information related this procedure.

NOTE: You wont lose data converting your file system (if you do it well without problems..)

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