Prevent Unity from Auto-Maximizing Windows – How to Guide


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On a small netbook screen, it's useful to have windows maximized by default. However, on two separate machines with full-sized screens, Unity doesn't seem to realize that always opening browser windows maximized is just annoying.

How can I teach Unity the error of its ways? On a full-sized screen, I don't want Unity to auto-maximize any window, unless I happen to configure it to do so for a particular window (which is unlikely).

(By the way, I'm running Natty.)

Best Answer

There are two things you can do to manage unity and its maximizing, although neither are 100% efficient.

Firstly use dconf-editor and switch the setting Desktop > Unity > 'Form Factor' to Desktop

Secondly you can use CCSM (compizconfig-settings-manager) and change the 'Place Windows > General > Placement Mode' to Smart - or which ever option works best for you.

Unfortunately I'm under the impression that this behavior is a feature, not a bug, to encourage us to use multiple desktops rather than clutter a single one.

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