Ubuntu – Prevent/Supress showing popup of Wifi Connection asking for password on terminal command

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Im working on a C++ program that can execute terminal commands for me, and one of its functions is wifi manipulation (connect, disconnect, forget). Right now I am trying to execute a wifi connection command in the terminal using the ff.:

nmcli device wifi connect <wifiName> password <password>

Above works fine in the terminal when the password is right, but it shows a popup asking for the correct password when the supplied password is wrong:

Wifi Connection popup after executing terminal command

Is there a way I can prevent the popup from happening, so my program doesn't pause indefinitely until I close it manually? Or is there a better command to handle wifi connection given the wifi name and password?

Best Answer

from man nmcli

you can use below command.

but you may require few more details other than just ssid and password

nmcli connection add type wifi ifname wlp2s0 ssid H con-name PRATAP2 +802-11-wireless-security.key-mgmt WPA-PSK +802-11-wireless-security.psk 50251919

the details here I used other than ssid and password are


the nmcli command above will not popup as in your Question, It will popup a msg like in this gif file below which will not stop your work flow if the password is wrong...

My required details are:

ifname is wlp2s0
SSID is `H`
password is 50251919
wireless security key is WPA-PSK

So the command to add this connection with the password is as above..

Observe the below gif at the end.. when I entered wrong password.. It did not disturb the running process.. Instead It Just Showed a Notification at the top, If we want to enter the password again, we can click it other wise Ignore..

Note: This method works if there are no connections exist.

enter image description here