Ubuntu – Pressing backspace doesn’t open previous page in Firefox


In Firefox on Windows when I press the Backspace key it goes to the previous web page I surfed to.

Why doesn't it work in Ubuntu and what can I change to make it work?

Best Answer

To change the Backspace mapping in Firefox to the same as in Windows:

  • Enter the url about:config in Firefox addressbar and click I accept the risk!
  • Search for browser.backspace_action
  • Set the value to 0

Reference: Browser.backspace_action


Pressing [Backspace] will go back a page in the session history and [Shift]+[Backspace] will go forward. (Default in Windows)


Pressing [Backspace] will scroll up a page in the current document and [Shift]+[Backspace] will scroll down. (Default in Linux builds before 2006-12-07) [edit] (Other)

Any other integer value will simply unmap the backspace key. In Linux builds after 2006-12-07, the default is 2.

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