Ubuntu – Popping noise from laptop speakers


Recently the speakers have suddenly started to make popping noises every few seconds, although it can pause for irregular amounts of time. The sound is like that of when you plug/unplug headphones from a socket.

I have tried blowing in the headphone socket but with no outcome.

This seemed to come from nowhere as I haven't kept my laptop in a dusty/dirty place recently or had any software changes.

Best Answer

Check this out too if the above answer doesn't work for you.

This is the actual method that the link contains:

Run this command (providing you have nano installed, per default you have):

sudo nano /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/intel-audio-powersave

Find the line:


Comment it out using "#". Underneath add the line:


Save and exit, then restart.

If you don't have an Intel HDA sound card, you're all done. Otherwise:

sudo sh -c 'echo N > /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save'
sudo sh -c 'echo N > /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save_controller'

Now you can make these changes permanent by running:

sudo chmod -w /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save
sudo chmod -w /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save_controller
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