PlayOnLinux Steam Black Screen – Troubleshooting Guide


Only the steam library and friend list works. I can install games and play them.

Anything else (Store, community, profile, etc) shows a black screen instead of the page.

Steam library:

steam screenshot

Black screen:

empty screen

Best Answer

This is a common problem with Wine/Steam. I encountered it and here's what I did to make it work. Make sure to have your wine compatibility set to Windows XP for Steam while running the exe with the "-no-cef-sandbox" argument.

Example : "wine Steam.exe -no-cef-sandbox"

This can be done in PlayOnLinux by following these steps:

  1. Highlight the program you wish to run and click configure (Steam in this case (I just renamed it to Steamwine when installing it)) PlayOnLinux with Configure Highlighted

  2. Now enter "-no-cef-sandbox" into the arguments box. PlayOnLinux with the Arguments box highlighted It should look like the box below when you are done: PlayOnLinux with -no-cef-sandbox in Arguments box

  3. Now go over to the Wine tab and click "Configure Wine" PlayOnLinux Wine Tab with Configure Wine Selected And make sure the "Windows Version" is set to "Windows XP" Windows Version in winecfg set to Windows XP

  4. Now click okay once Windows XP is the Windows Version that is set, and close out the PlayOnLinux Configuration window. You may need to quit PlayOnLinux for changes to apply.


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