Ubuntu – Places opens in Disk Usage Analyzer in Ubuntu 13.04


I have updated my ubuntu from 12.10 to latest Ubuntu 13.04. everything is fine but when i go to Places and click any place, it opens in Disk Usage Analyzer by default and i found no way to either stop Disk usage analyzer permanantely or to change the default Application for Places. Please tell me how to set it default so that Places opens properly.

Please see the image, I open Places > Music folder but it opens in Disk Usage Anylyzer

I found similar question but the solution doesn't works for me as I do

edit /usr/share/applications/baobab.desktop and change




and now everything opens in sublime-text

Note: I have many changes while i was using ubuntu 12.10 , still i am using session fallback desktop theme in latest ubuntu. does that affect?

Best Answer

I had this problem on 14.04 using the gnome-session-fallback desktop. After trying the other solutions (removing MimeType=inode/directory; and editing /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache) what actually fixed the problem was to run this command as your user:

xdg-mime default nautilus.desktop  inode/directory

By default it is set to use nautilus-folder-handler.desktop, which for some reason ends up launching the dreaded baobab.