Ubuntu – PIN request at each login after update to Maverick


I have a netbook with included 3G mobile broadband card (Huawei E620). I have configured the broadband network connection in the Network Manager and it works perfectly.

However since Maverick upgrade, a window appears just after login I asking for the SIMcard PIN. This happens every time I log in and did not happen with Lucid. Note that the PIN is stored in the configuration of the mobile broadband connection and Lucid was satisfied with that.

Is there a way to prevent this request or, at least, to have the system rember the PIN and stop ansking for it?

If it may be useful, the broadband network connection is configured as not being available for other users. Also, I would like to keep the SIMcard asking for the PIN; only I do not want to insert it manually at login.

Best Answer

I think this is a known bug in the network-manager package and was fixed in Version 0.9.2. The patch is not yet (December 2011) integrated in the mainline repositories.