Ubuntu – PhpStorm theme installation


I want to install PhpStorm color scheme from XML.
Official PhpStorm's IDE website says

To install a theme, download the corresponging xml file, copy to ~/Library/Preferences/RubyMine10/colors/ (Mac OS X) or
C:\Users\%username%.RubyMine10\config\colors\ (Windows) and restart
RubyMine. Then go to IDE Settings | Editor | Colors and select your

However, nothing is said about Ubuntu. I tried to find anything similar to "Library" folder inside of PhpStorm folder but failed. How can I install the theme?

Best Answer

For Ubuntu you need to download the theme XML file and copy it to folder


In my case it is ~/.WebIde50/config/colors

  • Restart phpstorm

  • Select the new theme by navigating to

    Settings->Editor->Colors & Fonts

Hope this helps