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Persistent Ubuntu on a USB drive

I have followed the instructions on How to create a bootable USB stick on OS X on the Ubuntu site, and the boot image runs well on my Lenovo laptop.

The problem is that the image is not persistent: when I reboot the laptop, all the installed apt-get package and file in /home/Desktop disappear.

How do I create a persistent Ubuntu installation on a USB drive, which keeps its state between reboots?

Previous questions:

This has been asked before (Persistent Ubuntu on a USB drive, Can I install Ubuntu to my 32 GB USB pen drive?, but they are either old, or don't cover my case – creating the USB drive from OSX.

Best Answer

I see you are able to boot into Ubuntu. In that case you could then create a 'persistent ubuntu drive' from the live Ubuntu using instructions here or here.

So you basically have:

  • Flash drive 1: Made bootable from OSX. This you are able to boot on your Lenovo (but no persistence)
  • Flash drive 2: You want this as your persistent Ubuntu drive.

What you do is:

  1. Live boot into Flash Drive 1 on your Lenovo.
  2. Install mkusb on it.
  3. Use mkusb to turn Flash Drive 2 persistent.

Refer to the links above for a 'how-to' on steps 2,3.