Ubuntu – Permission error in virtual machine manager


I am trying to install win8.1 as a guest on my Ubuntu 14.04 using KVM and virt manager. When I choose the path of the ISO file in virt manager, it throws this error:

The emulator may not have search permissions for the path '/media/owerfoll/B/windows8.1 Enterprise.iso'

How I can fix this?!

Best Answer

I had the same issue as well. I fixed it by doing the following:

  1. Run virt-manager with sudo:
        sudo virt-manager
  1. Attempt to create your VM. When the error dialog appears, click Yes to correct the error.

    What this does is change the user and group of your image file (to libvirt-qemu:libvirt-qemu if that's your virt-manager user). You could also sudo chown libvirt-qemu:libvirt-qemu <image-file> if you want to do it manually.

  2. When you get to the next step, cancel the creation process and close virt-manager.

  3. Now relaunch virt-manager without sudo and attempt to create your VM again.