Ubuntu – Permission denied while i was installing ubuntu 14.04 by wubi


I have faced a problem when trying to install ubuntu 14.04 version on my windows 7 os by wubi. It say permission denied and refer to the specific folder on drive C (I make a directory of wubi and ISO file in drive D). I failed several times while i was installing it.

I try to solve it by

  1. disable my adaptor
  2. make wubi.exe in the same directory with Desktop ubuntu. ISO file
  3. click run wubi.exe


it say "Can't download metafile and therefore ISO"


  1. click wubi.exe to download file again by bit torrent
  2. wait for 2 hours at the last minute, it say "permission denied.. bar bar and show me the path"

How could i do or solve it, please help me….

Best Answer

Wubi is no longer supported. See this link

Ubuntu Forums Staff recommendations on WUBI

Though WUBI (Windows-Based-Ubuntu-Installer) is included with the Ubuntu ISO up to the 14.04 release it is no longer officially supported by Canonical.

With no active development for Wubi, there are few experienced users of Ubuntu who also use wubi on this forum, and hence few here who can give informed support for wubi.

There are some existing resources available for those who choose to use this application as a means to try Ubuntu.



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