Ubuntu – Permission denied, please try again

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I'm trying to connect to another computer in my house via ssh.
Both computers have ubuntu and openssh installed. When I run the command "ssh username@ip" on terminal I'm asked for the user's password I'm trying to connect to. I type it but I get this error "Permission denied, please try again." I'm sure the password is correct, then why can't I access?

Best Answer

This may have more reasons. What comes to my mind as first is :

  1. You are trying to log as root (Ubuntu does not allow it)
  2. On target machine, there is not allowed logging with password (can be configured in /etc/ssh/sshd.conf)
  3. You entered wrong IP (of wrong computer)
  4. Key authorization is required (Also can be edited in /etc/ssh/sshd.conf)

And as Elias said, if you are using user@ip and not ssh user@ip, it is obvious that it is not working.