Ubuntu – Partitions created in Windows are not showing in Ubuntu

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I want to install Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit alongside Windows 8, so I created some free space in Windows 8.

When I try to install Ubuntu using a Live USB, the free space created is not visible and the partitions shown are completely different.

But when I click the option "Try Ubuntu", I am able to use my Windows partitions.

Best Answer

Ubuntu does not support Windows-specific "dynamic" disks. This may be one reason for partitions not showing up on installing Ubuntu or when partitioning a drive from Ubuntu.

Before we partition a drive on Ubuntu we therefore have to change the partitions type from "dynamic" to "basic".

Obviously this can only be done from Windows (see Window Server Support and Microsoft Technet), e.g. with a partitioning tool (e.g. AOMEI Partition Assistant).