Ubuntu – Partition resize


I have a dual boot system with

  1. C: drive with windows 227 GB

  2. E: drive in windows 185 GB

  3. Ext4 Ubuntu – 38 GB

  4. Linux swap – 4 GB

I want to decrease the space from E: drive from 185 GB to say about 160 GB and assign the 25 GB achieved from the resizing to the ext4 partition so that my Ubuntu home has more space.

I was told that do a resize in gparted could cause some boot problems, plase tell me a safe way to achieve this resizing.

Best Answer

Familiarize yourself with HowtoPartition

  1. Boot your Ubuntu CD/USB
  2. Select «Try Ubuntu» to get to the live session
  3. Run gparted
    1. Right click the swap partition and select unmount (if it is mounted).
    2. Shrink 2
    3. Move 3 to the left
    4. Grow 3 to fill the void to the right.
    5. «Apply»

There is always a risk of data loss when resizing and moving partitions. I've never had issues myself, but if the process get aborted in the middle of a resize, due to a power failure for instance, you'll be left with a broken system.

So make sure you have backups (on another drive/media) of files you cannot afford to lose.

As for boot problems. Unless you've done some extensive changes to /etc/fstab or your grub configuration, you shouldn't encounter any problems with that. At any rate, it should be fixable via the live session.

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