Ubuntu – Output URL of open firefox tabs in terminal

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I would like to find out the URLs of the currently opened firefox tabs with a terminal command. Is there any possibility?

This way I would be able to write them into a text file and look at them lateron; and safe resources (I often have many open tabs).
I know that there is an add-on for firefox, but I would be more confortable writing my own script.

Best Answer

The currently open URLs of the opened Firefox tabs are stored in sessionstore.js file which is located somewhere in $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/XXXXXXXX.default directory.

So, you can start from something like this:

cat $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/*default/sessionstore.js | sed "s/{/\n/g" | egrep -o '"url".*"scroll"' | cut -d\" -f4

Using cat we can display that file, and with the help of sed, egrep and cut we select only the URLs of the opened Firefox tabs from that file.

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