Ubuntu – OS keyboard shortcuts conflict with apps keyboard shortcuts in GNOME 3


I have Ubuntu 16.04 with GNOME shell. I set ctrl+shift for the "Modifiers-only switch to next source" option.

This shortcut conflicts with apps hot-keys. I can't use ctrl+shift+i to open devtools in Chrome, it just switches the layout. In VS code IDE if I press shortcuts with ctrl+shift (for example ctrl+shift+f), shortcuts work but always switch a keyboard layout. When I used Windows this problem didn't exist.

Can I set the ctrl+shift shortcut in such a way that it causes a switch action only after the keys are released and only if this 2 keys were pressed (without additional keys)?

Best Answer

Try @N0rbert's answer first.

It's actually a bug (see this and this). Unfortunately it seems it's not going to be fixed (first one marked as "RESOLVED WONTFIX").

As a workaround you may have to remove those shortcuts and get used to the default ones to switch layouts (super+space & shift+super+space).

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