Software Recommendation – Best OpenSource Flow Charting Tools


I'm looking for an application that drops output in a portable format, maybe export as an image file so I can flowchart some application designs and submit them to my boss for professional review. From what I've seen dia is about the de-facto standard for linux flowcharting, but maybe some of you out there in askubuntu land have some other suggestions for me to examine.

Please keep in mind it has to offer a professional / attractive look on the final product. Maybe some color coordination of the options (logic structures are all purple, input statements are orange… for example)

Best Answer

you can use for Flow Chart Design:

  • LibreOffice Draw (Formerly OpenOffice Draw) (You can give it colors to the elements)
  • Kivio (From the KDE KOffice Suite)
  • Inkscape

If you are talking about Gantt Flow then

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