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I would like to have some applications always appear in a specific workspace. For example: I would like my mp3 player on the bottom left workspace, and terminal application on the bottom right one;

I am new to Ubuntu, so tried using wmctrl but it looks to me as desktop wall works by creating one big desktop and then splitting it up into 4 pieces.

Best Answer

Note: This answer was written for systems running the Compiz window manager (default in Ubuntu 7.04 to 17.04). For versions of Ubuntu using Gnome Shell see this answer.

  1. Install compizconfig-settings-manager:

    sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager
  2. Go to Window Management -> Place Windows -> Fixed Window Placement

  3. Under Windows with fixed viewport click on new

    • class=NameOfYourProgram (Here the spelling is important. Better use the green plus sign and "Grab" this parameter in the resulting window)
    • Position : {1,1}top left; {1,2}bottom left, ...
    • example opens Gnome-terminal in bottom right workspace : enter image description here

More information on wiki.compiz.org

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