Ubuntu – Only squares instead of letters and numbers are displayed in the calculator and other apps in Ubuntu 18.04


I don't know what I did wrong in my Ubuntu 18.04 OS. For some reason some of my apps look like this:


This also happens to other gnome apps like pdf-reviewer and Logs. Window title, menu bar etc. are all blank, display only squares.

*Problem solved:
I downloaded Google Fonts, saved them in a new folder, they can be applied system-wide, but after I did some font settings using Google Fonts it didn't work. I changed the font of Interface with Tweaks-Tool, that was what causing the problem.

Best Answer

It seems that you configured a Font which does not include the necessary glyphs to display. With a look to your name... do you use a Chinese font?

Maybe changing the font will help you. (see Font Settings Design)

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