Ubuntu – NVM Command Not Found


I am trying to install node version manager and followed the installation instructions provided at its Github page.

Installation got over but now I am getting an error as command not found: nvm when I try using nvm install 0.8

Can someone please help me find out why I am gettting an error that nvm is not found when I have already installed it.

Best Answer

The problem is that you need nvm to be automatically sourced upon login, so either add the following line to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile file.

[[ -s $HOME/.nvm/nvm.sh ]] && . $HOME/.nvm/nvm.sh

Also nvm doesn't set any version of node automatically so if you just installed nvm and installed a node version and try to use node the next time you login, you get an error that command not found: node unless you use the nvm use versionnumber command in every terminal session, so Instead I suggest you to set a default alias so that a default version of node is active for every terminal session using the following command

nvm alias default versionnumber

PS: In the above commands version number denotes the version number of nodejs that you have already installed using nvm

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