Ubuntu – NVIDIA 1060ti + Ubuntu 16.04 = Black screen


I installed an Nvdia driver in Ubuntu 16.04. I have Nvdia 1060ti. I don't know how to enter through recovery mode. I tried every solution in this forum but I ended up with a black screen or screen freeze. Can you help me with this issue?

I came to this because Blender was not functioning properly.

Best Answer

I think this might be helpful... I installed Nvidia driver and restarted my computer. I got black screen in loop. The solution is to use other graphic card to boot. Cd or usb is not required for this. My solution is:

  1. As computer starts keep on pressing left Shift key.

  2. In order to edit grub2 press e.

  3. Then go to line starting with linux and enter i915.modeset=0 before quite slash.

    Since my choice was to use the Intel graphic card. I inserted that line. If it was amd/ati, radeon.modeset=0 could work. In some computer simply inserting nomodeset may work.

  4. Press Ctrl+x to reboot.

  5. Then wait for a while... After screen freezes press Ctrl+Alt+F1

  6. It asks for username and password. Enter them.

  7. Then terminal appears. Uninstall NVdia drivers using the command:

     sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
  8. Then type reboot... then your Ubuntu will boot...

This solution is just to enter the OS. Now follow proper method to install NVidia driver for better graphics.

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