Ubuntu – nouveau “unknown chipset” On Installer


I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.10, however when I boot, a nouveau "unknown chipset", "failed to create" error is all that is on the screen (just black with white text). The computer then freezes completely and I am unable to install Ubuntu. The graphics card I am using is an Nvidia ASUS GTX 960 Strix.

Is it possible to install Ubuntu with alternative drivers? Is there a way to install with a text only mode? The CPU is an AMD chip so there I cannot use an Intel graphics driver.

If I can install it and get to a TTY then I can install the proprietary Nvidia driver myself but I cannot even boot the installer at this point.

Best Answer

Press e at the bootloader to enter the bootloader and press e again to enter the kernel options. Then add nomodeset rdblacklist=nouveau to the end of the line that begins with linux and boot the system.

After you install the system, download the proper driver for your card, run:

chmod +x _name_of_your_driver.run

and type init 3 in terminal to enter runlevel 3. Login as root, and run the installer. If you have any issues you want to update the kernel, read this: http://www.wikihow.com/Update-Ubuntu-Kernel

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