Ubuntu – Notifications not working in Gnome 3.4


Notifications are no longer working in Gnome 3.4 but they are working in Unity. I have tried everything I can think of but I am stumped.

To clarify, I am changing the theme using Gnome Tweak. Themes were obtained from various repositories including noobslab/themes and webupd8. As an example, when using the default theme adwaita, I get all notifications when using Rhythmbox as to what song is being played on an internet radio station. I even tried a different media player with the same result. When I change the theme, all I get is a media player Icon. Change back to default theme and all Notifications work fine. Notifications were working at first with all themes, but no longer. The question is how to get Notifications to work for all themes. They did for previous versions of Gnome-shell.

Best Answer

I've found how fix this:

It's in the gnome-shell.css file from the theme package. Some id definitions need the class name definition:


#notification {

Change to this:

#notification, .notification {

and some other definition... to sumup you have to compare with the gnome-shell.css file in /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme.