Ubuntu – Not enough memory to load specified image


I built a computer recently and I've tried to use Ubuntu and Linux Mint, both trying to install from a 32gb USB 2.0 flash drive, without success. There is no other operating system on the computer and with each OS I get the same error:

Not enough memory to load specified image.
boot: _

I'm new to Linux, so I don't know whether this is related to the OS.

Hardware details:

  • Ryzen 3 1300x
  • MSI x370 gaming plus motherboard
  • 8g Kingston hyper fury x black ddr4
  • nvidia gtx 760
  • evga 500w b psu
  • toshiba 500gb ssd

I need to resolve this quickly if possible

Not enough memory... in monospace font on blueish screen

Best Answer

Two possibilities -

1) Puppy is not running 64bit

2) Puppy has smaller memory footprint

I see that this problem has been around for years, the only convincing solution so far is to disable "Memory hole" the BIOS setting. The rest of us who do not have this option seems pretty much stuck.