Ubuntu – Not been able to Shut Down 13.04


After installing Ubuntu 13.04 (not upgrading to it, I did a "clean install" removing the older one), I'm not been able to shutdown the system.

After clicking the Shut Down button the desktop environment is terminated and the Ubuntu splash screen blink on the screen and a error in a black sceen (without the DE) just says the following:

acpid: exiting
speech-dispatcher disabled; edit /etc/default/speech-dispatcher

Best Answer

I've solved the problem through those steps:

I opened the terminal and with nano opened the file below:

sudo nano /etc/default/speech-dispatcher

Inside the file I changed the RUN property to yes, so the file started looking like this:

# Defaults for the speech-dispatcher initscript, from speech-dispatcher

# Set to yes to start system wide Speech Dispatcher
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